The Progress of PSN

Mark Langdale looks ahead to what 2013 will mean for the Public Services Network

Shared services in the PSN era: white paper

BT sponsored Kable white paper considers the outlook for shared services in the public sector in the light of the opportunities emerging with the implementation of the Public Services Network

NHS Surrey: case study

High definition video conferencing makes for much faster and more effective diagnosis of stroke patients

Norfolk County Council PSN: case study

Norfolk's network transformation

Everyday lives – Whittington Health

Meet Edwina and Sunniva, social workers for Whittington Health. They explain how BT's conferencing solutions have helped the hospital to work collaboratively

The BT PSNsus

Research reveals public sector sentiment towards the Public Services Network

Norfolk County Council Children's Services: case study

Secure virtual data centre solution from BT helps council create a more responsive and child-centred organisation

Relate for Parents & Families: case study

BT develops web-based Family Mapping Tool to enable Relate to provide online support for parents and families

Imagine a world of connected healthcare

Suzanne Masterton discusses a world where healthcare professionals have quick and easy access to information, anytime, anywhere

Everyday lives – Norfolk County Council

Meet Tim, a primary school teacher at Sheringham Community Primary School in Norfolk County Council. He explains how BT technology has enabled the pupils to work more effectively and develop their ability to work as a team

BT and the Public Services Network: animation

Watch an overview of how BT is working with the PSN to help deliver compliant and flexible solutions

Next generation citizen access: white paper

A platform for insight, efficiency and community

Guide to PSN

The most definitive guide to the PSN programme, its aims and the benefits it can deliver

BT South Tyneside Limited: case study

The partnership between BT and South Tyneside Council builds new vehicles for socio-economic regeneration

Department for Work and Pensions: case study

BT acts at pace to provide the network infrastructure to support DWP's Economic Downturn Programme